Winter protection plant tents

Winter protection plant tents protect your potted plants in the cold

Our simple yet effective winter protection plant tents will take good care of your precious potted plants during the winter. When the temperature drops, it can be a good idea to care a little extra for the potted plants outside. It is vital to protect a wide range of different plants against the cold, so they can endure the winter and be ready for the next season. It all depends on which plants you have and how severe, you expect it to be. You can also choose to move your potted plants into the house during the winter if you have room for them. There is a risk though that the plants cannot withstand to be moved - or they get too little light inside the house. When you place your plants in one or more of our innovative winter protection plant tents, you create a secure environment for your plants, which generally are outside in the garden in pots, jars, troughs, and more.

Your potted plants in the garden need individual nurture and care during the winter

Temperature alone is not always the problem for the potted plants outside in the garden during winter. It is the combination of rain and degrees below zero. If the soil in the pot or jar gets wet, followed by degrees below zero, the water will expand. It can result in a broken pot as well as damaged roots, which may kill the plant in the end. When you have your potted plants inside a winter protection plant tent, the rain cannot fall on the plants or get into the pot. This may all be very fine, but you can also have a situation where the plants need to be watered unless they go into a sort of hibernation. Luckily, it is easy to water the plants inside a winter protection plant tent due to the large and sturdy zips in the tents. The humidity may drop significantly during winter, so it is essential to keep an eye on the plants, so they do not become too dry. When the plants are unprotected outside, the wind will enhance the drying-out. Another good reason to put your potted plants inside a winter protection plant tent. Generally seen, the simple and yet practical construction protects the plants overall as well as preserving the leaves of the plant against frost damage and will prevent branches breaking under the weight of snow.

Winter protection plant tents for all year use

We offer the largest selection of high-quality greenhouses on the market - the classic greenhouses with tempered glass or polycarbonate as well as the flexible and usually more affordable polytunnel greenhouses. Then we offer the innovative winter protection plant tents, which will protect your potted garden plants during the winter. In the spring, you can remove the bottom of most of our winter protection plant tents and use the light construction as an ordinary greenhouse for growing flowers and much more. Start by sprouting in the spring and enjoy flowers and vegetables all summer.

A heater will ensure a stable temperature

Having a greenhouse, you may need a heater to warm up inside the greenhouse from time, e.g. to ensure a minimum temperature over zero degrees. See our range of high-quality heaters for greenhouses, and the unique winter protection plant tents. A heater with a thermostat ensures a stable temperature, so your plants inside the greenhouse are guaranteed no frost and constant heating.