Polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses are both strong and durable

Many of our customers prefer the modern greenhouses with polycarbonate windows and a maintenance-free lightweight aluminium frame. In principle, there is no difference between a polycarbonate greenhouse and a classic glasshouse, except for the light and sturdy polycarbonate plates, which are more or less unbreakable. Polycarbonate greenhouses also provide fantastic growth conditions, as polycarbonate naturally has a high light transmission and lets the sun rays come in and perform the little miracles that help produce cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies, grapes and flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. Polycarbonate greenhouses are then completely similar to the classic greenhouses that most garden owners associate with a 'real' greenhouse. If you select tempered glass for your greenhouse, it will also last for a long time, but polycarbonate can undoubtedly stand for both stray balls and hail.

A polycarbonate greenhouse will also look great in the garden

We offer a wide range of beautiful polycarbonate greenhouses of different sizes and designs. We have traditional greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses and greenhouse tunnels, which are reinforced and can handle a lot of snow. Please note that you can order extensions to many of our greenhouses, so you can create a greenhouse in precisely the size you want. We offer polycarbonate greenhouses in different colours, including silver-coloured aluminium and classic anthracite. The traditional polycarbonate greenhouse with aluminium frame is elegant and looks fantastic filled with green plants throughout the summer and well into the fall. If you choose a polycarbonate greenhouse with anthracite frame, you will also get a beautiful greenhouse, which looks lovely with green plants inside, elegant furniture and in close interaction with the rest of the garden. Regardless of colour and materials, with a beautiful greenhouse, you will enjoy even more of your garden. With a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can get started early in the spring and enjoy it well into the fall.

Polycarbonate greenhouses with room for much more than plants

Polycarbonate greenhouses can be used for much more than growing different kinds of plants. It creates some unique growth conditions that you usually cannot achieve outside in the garden because some plants need more shelter and warmth than the garden can offer. Now that you have spent money on having an extraordinary place for your plants, you should not forget that most polycarbonate greenhouses can also be used as a place where you can enjoy life in peace in beautiful surroundings. Be careful not to select a greenhouse, which is too small. Be sure to have enough room for some furniture in there. With a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can enjoy the garden almost all year, regardless of the weather. You can look forward to going inside your greenhouse to enjoy your plants and the unique ambience a greenhouse will provide. This, of course, goes for both our elegant greenhouses with glass and polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are sturdy and provide fantastic growth conditions

Polycarbonate greenhouses, like most other greenhouses, consist of many parts. Still, with a little patience, they are easy to assemble, and it does not require special tools or an artisan background to assemble it. Your polycarbonate greenhouse has several essential features such as easy access and ventilation, and this makes our various polycarbonate greenhouses very popular. Remember that we often have great deals and offers Best Price Guarantee so that you can make a great deal every time!