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Welcome to our world of high-quality greenhouses for private garden owners and professional horticulturalists, and more. We are proud to present the most extensive selection of elegant, durable, and spacious greenhouses on the market. Here you can choose between many sizes, different materials and beautiful designs. In short, we offer greenhouses for everyone - cosy greenhouses for the small garden, big and elegant greenhouses and orangeries for the more extensive gardens and finally our huge, professional greenhouses for professionals such as gardeners and farmers. Furthermore, we offer very competitive prices and Best Price Guarantee, so you can always make a great deal here.

Which greenhouse meets your demands the best? Do you need a little help to decide? Please contact our greenhouse Xperts today at 0 203 936 8258 and 0 870 820 0008. We look forward to serving you.

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Greenhouses for great garden pleasure regardless of your budget

We offer a wide selection of many different types of greenhouses so that everyone can get precisely the greenhouse they want. Whether you prefer a compact lean-to greenhouse, a traditional glass greenhouse, one of the very simple polytunnel greenhouses, an elegant octagonal orangery or a large, beautiful T-shaped greenhouse with polycarbonate windows and room for both plants and furniture, you can get it right here - and at the right price. Our large selection includes commercial greenhouse tunnels professional growers with room for many plants and the opportunity to expand the greenhouse almost infinitely.

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Greenhouses. Many different kinds of greenhouses.

Greenhouses to provide beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables

Having a greenhouse, you can grow a great variety of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs, so you get to enjoy your garden even more. Do you choose one of our slightly larger greenhouses you will also get a haven to go to when you need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the world - even when the weather does not invite you to stay outdoor? It can be almost magical sitting in your greenhouse in the middle of an abundance of different plants and just enjoy the silence - or some quality time with friends and family. Use your greenhouse as a pavilion and enjoy lunch or pure relaxation in an extraordinary atmosphere.

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Maintenance-free greenhouses in durable, lightweight materials

When you choose one of our greenhouses, you only have to spend energy looking after your plants. Forget about rot, rust and peeling, because our greenhouses in robust and maintenance-free lightweight materials give you the time and freedom to enjoy the garden without having to paint and maintain. Whether you choose an affordable polytunnel greenhouse or one of our beautiful, classic greenhouses with an aluminium frame and lightweight and durable polycarbonate windows, you can simply enjoy the pleasure of watching things grow day by day inside the greenhouse.

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