Greenhouses in glass

Glass greenhouses are beautiful, classic, and create a fantastic ambience

Many may feel that a greenhouse with glass is the real thing. Luckily, you are free to decide for yourself, but one thing is sure - we offer a wide range of beautiful and classic glass greenhouses in different sizes. We provide small one to put on the balcony or patio up to large greenhouses for just the right place in the garden. We offer a lean-to greenhouse with glass, a series of classic greenhouses with an aluminium frame in silver, black, or anthracite as well as various luxury greenhouses perfect as a pavilion or an orangery. When you combine plants and furniture inside a glass greenhouse, it does not get any better! It is quite simply a marvellous feeling to sit inside a beautiful glass greenhouse surrounded by wonderfully lush, green plants and lean back to enjoy a little peace or some good company.

Glass greenhouses are a beautiful sight in every garden

An elegant glass greenhouse will quickly catch the eye when entering a garden. Glass greenhouses of a certain size will soon become a natural meeting point no matter the weather. Our extensive and small glass greenhouses alike will look inviting with many lush green plants inside. You can choose a glass greenhouse with a silver-coloured frame, black or anthracite. No matter what you prefer, our elegant glass greenhouses will interact with the colours of the garden from the spring’s early sun on to the golden glow of the autumn. You can use your glass greenhouse as an ordinary greenhouse, but also as a place with room for people. Imagine sitting inside the beautiful structure while the rain is drumming on the glass roof - or while the sun is setting.

Glass greenhouses like traditional greenhouses

Glass greenhouses have a high light transmission, and they are made for growing more or less every kind of plants behind the clear, tempered glass. The whole idea with a greenhouse is that you can grow a wide range of flowers and vegetables that may not thrive outside in the garden because they need the warmth inside a greenhouse to grow far better. This way, you will have a much better yield inside a greenhouse. Do you choose to use some of the space inside the greenhouse for some comfortable furniture you can still grow flowers just on a smaller scale? When you are looking for the right place for your new glass greenhouse, there are a few things you need to consider. Do not buy your glass greenhouse too small as you as a rule always can use some more room when you start filling stuff into it. Furthermore, you need to spend a little time finding the right spot for the greenhouse concerning the sun, shade, towering trees, and your house.

Glass greenhouses from the well-known Danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana

Apart from a wide range of our beautiful glass greenhouses, we offer greenhouses from the famous Danish greenhouse manufacturer Juliana. As a rule, you should be able to assemble your greenhouse yourself, but it is no shame to ask for help with this task. It takes a bit of patience and practical sense, but you do not need special tools or an artisan background. The combination of design, look, and functionality make these classic glass greenhouses extremely popular.