Greenhouses from Dancover make it fun and easy to grow vegetables

Greenhouses are as popular as never before, and there is no doubt that part of the interest in greenhouses is due to our growing interest in health, ecology, and natural living. The fact that you can grow vegetables and more is appealing to most. The joy of gardening takes up a lot of people's time because it is a wonderful feeling to enter a greenhouse to nurture your plants. With a quality greenhouse, you can grow almost anything, even the things that would not thrive outside the greenhouse. We offer a wide variety of greenhouses, which all will provide perfect growth conditions for everything from tomatoes, cucumbers, and chillies to beautiful flowers and more.

Greenhouses of many sizes for the balcony, the terrace and the garden

Greenhouses create a magical place where you can grow all the things you like. We offer greenhouses for all purposes and for all people - including those who may not have a garden or only have a small garden where there is no room for a large greenhouse. Our lean-to greenhouses require just a few m2, and they can be placed on a balcony or a roof terrace and provide you with plenty of beautiful flowers and more. We also have a large selection of classic greenhouses of many sizes, so you can find precisely the greenhouse that will fit your garden. Choose between greenhouses with glass or the light and strong polycarbonate - in clear or transparent. Regardless of materials and size, our many different greenhouses all have the best growth conditions. This also goes for our affordable polytunnel greenhouses, which are easy to set up, very practical, but also offer excellent growth conditions so that you can enjoy an abundance of different plants throughout the summer.

Commercial greenhouses for the professional growers

With the market's largest selection of high-quality greenhouses, we also have an excellent range of professional greenhouses for professional growers who need large greenhouses with plenty of room for the crops they grow. Our extensive commercial greenhouses for professional growers and more can also be extended by ordering the right extensions. This means you can build precisely the size of greenhouse you need. You can also provide the correct number of ventilation windows to create the optimal growth conditions within your professional greenhouse. If you want an extra-strong greenhouse that can resist both a lot of snow and heavy winds, we also offer different greenhouses with extra high snow load.