Polytunnel greenhouses

Polytunnel greenhouses as an affordable and exciting alternative

Polytunnel greenhouses are often much more affordable than traditional greenhouses made of aluminium and polycarbonate or glass. Do not underestimate these lightweight greenhouses though, because they offer the same excellent growth conditions as other quality greenhouses. When you chose a polytunnel greenhouse over different types of greenhouses, you get great value for your money. For a relatively small amount, you can get started growing all the flowers and vegetables, you want. We offer several different types of polytunnel greenhouses, which all have that in common that they create fantastic growth conditions for most kinds of plants. Choose between polytunnel greenhouses in many sizes, with green or transparent cover, and with different types of frames.

Polytunnel greenhouses are flexible as well as easy to assemble

Polytunnel greenhouses are available in different designs with a galvanised or warm galvanised steel frame and a sturdy greenhouse film as cover. You can have either ready-made covers, which you simply mount on the frame, or a cover, or a cover, which you have to cut out before mounting. The cover or the greenhouse film is UV-resistant so it can endure the sunrays without damaging the high light transmission, which for some of the covers is as high as impressive 95%. Do you prefer one of our fashionable and economic attractive polytunnel greenhouses you can start growing all sorts of vegetables and flowers in no time? Like every other greenhouse, your new polytunnel greenhouse will extend the garden season so you can get started earlier in the spring and enjoy the greenhouse way into the autumn.

Polytunnel greenhouses provide an impressive yield for a moderate amount

Polytunnel greenhouses are ordinary greenhouses developed to create impressive growth conditions for all the vegetables, fruits, and flowers you would like to see growing in the garden. You can choose to grow organic if it matters to you, but no matter then there is something almost magically in growing food on your own. Having a polytunnel greenhouse from Dancover, you can look forward to plenty of enjoyable and healthy fruits and vegetables from your garden. Do you have questions about our various polytunnel greenhouses or some of the many other greenhouses we offer? Please contact one of our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our Chat.