Commercial greenhouses

Commercial greenhouse tunnels for professional growers and farmers

We offer high-quality greenhouse tunnels aimed at professional farmers in need of large greenhouse tunnels to achieve a high yield and lots of produce. The large and spacious commercial greenhouse tunnels are available with polycarbonate covers or with a sturdy greenhouse film as cover in one or two layers. A greenhouse tunnel is an affordable and efficient solution to grow more or less every kind of produce - from delicious organic vegetables to beautiful flowers. The large, sturdy greenhouses create the perfect growth conditions due to the high light transmission, various ventilation openings and other details especially developed to make these greenhouse tunnels to the obvious choice for farmers and other professional growers. The large doors in our commercial greenhouse tunnels provide easy access and extra ventilation if needed. Choose between greenhouse tunnels with a polycarbonate cover or a cover in unique greenhouse film. All our greenhouse tunnels have a stable and robust frame made of galvanised tubes. All our different commercial greenhouse tunnels provide excellent growing conditions. You can fasten our various greenhouse tunnels with ground anchors, so you do not have to construct an expensive and time-consuming foundation. It will save time as well as money!

Our commercial greenhouse tunnels can be extended almost infinitely

Our commercial greenhouse tunnels are made for professionals within various trades in need of extensive production facilities for growing various kinds of plants for their customers. We offer different types of greenhouse tunnels created for commercial use. Choose between two kinds of greenhouse tunnels. The classic greenhouse tunnel with polycarbonate windowpanes. Alternatively, the greenhouse tunnels with a strong greenhouse film as cover in one or two layers with a thermos effect. Please note that you can order one or more extensions to all our commercial greenhouse tunnels. That way you can have exactly the size of greenhouse tunnel you want. We offer extensions of 1.5, 2 and 2.1 m depending on which greenhouse tunnel you want. By extending your greenhouse tunnel, you will have even more room for all the plants you want to grow. Visit and start by selecting the greenhouse tunnel you want. Then you add the number of extensions you want. It is essential that you order the commercial greenhouse tunnel and the extensions at the same time due to the size of the cover and more. The large and spacious greenhouse tunnels have been developed and produced by one of the leading manufactures of professional greenhouse solutions in Europe.

Commercial greenhouse tunnels with an innovative 2-layer cover with an insulating thermo-effect

Some of our commercial greenhouse tunnels have a unique cover made of two layers of sturdy greenhouse film creating a unique insulating thermo-effect. These special greenhouse tunnels come with an electric air pump to inflate the space between the layers of film. The insulating layer, which will be created in the area between the two covers, will insulate the greenhouse and keep a more constant temperature inside. The double cover furthermore protects the plants against too high temperatures during the day and prevent too low temperatures during the night. Do you have questions about our commercial greenhouse tunnels? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or by Chat.