Lean-to greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses have the same qualities as our large greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are ordinary greenhouses where you can grow all kinds of beautiful flowers, vegetables, and herbs. The small, elegant, and compact lean-to greenhouses are perfect for everybody that may not have room for a large greenhouse or just want a small greenhouse on the patio. Lean-to greenhouses are an obvious choice for everyone who wants to enjoy flowers and much more on the balcony, patio, or maybe on a roof terrace somewhere in the middle of the city. A lean-to greenhouse has the same qualities as a larger greenhouse so you may enjoy beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables according to your likings. Having a lean-to greenhouse, you can start from the early spring and enjoy flowers the entire summer and way into the autumn. All you have to do is finding an empty wall outside where you can place the lean-to greenhouse up against.

Lean-to greenhouses in different materials and sizes

The compact lean-to greenhouses may not be extensive, but you can still get a lot out of the maintenance-free lean-to greenhouses in durable, lightweight materials. Among other things, you can choose a lean-to greenhouse with polycarbonate windowpanes, which are both light and robust. You also have the option to select a lean-to greenhouse with classic windows in tempered glass. One of the many advantages of having a lean-to greenhouse is that you can place it almost anywhere you like, as it does not take up very much room. All you have to do is finding a few m2 in front of a garden wall or similar and then start to assemble the greenhouse. Please be aware of where the sun is during the day concerning where you want to place your lean-to greenhouse. As with any other greenhouse, the plants inside your lean-to greenhouse must have plenty of sun but remember to regulate the temperature by opening the ventilation window(s) of the greenhouse. Otherwise, it might become too hot and humid inside.

Lean-to greenhouses with perfect growth conditions

A lean-to greenhouse may not be that big but make no mistake - you can grow plenty of good things all through summer in a lovely lean-to greenhouse. Do not select plants, which takes up too much space, though. If the plants are getting too big, they may suffocate the other plants. On the other hand, you can have many smaller plants in your lean-to greenhouse. Apart from flowers, it can be a great idea to have various herbs and other edible plants in the greenhouse. Put your lean-to greenhouse close to the patio, your outdoor kitchen or grill. Then you can easily take some herbs and use in the food. Do you have questions about our various lean-to greenhouse or some of the many other greenhouses, which we offer, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail or use our Chat.