Orangeries combine luxury and garden joy

Our beautiful and elegant orangeries create a unique space for many things - for relaxation, contemplation and, of course, for growing flowers and many other plants. When you choose to place a beautiful orangery somewhere in the garden, you will have a great place where you can be well protected against the elements. It is also a wonderful feeling to be inside the orangery when the temperature outside may not invite you to stay out in the garden. An exquisite orangery looks impressive and inviting in its own right and it will add tremendously to the general ambience of the garden. Fill it with lush green plants and flowers, and it will look even more inviting. Do not forget to make room for a chair or two so you can sit looking at and enjoying your garden from inside the orangery.

Modern orangeries come with a long history

We offer a series of sturdy orangeries made of lightweight materials. They are a sort of modern interpretation of the classic orangeries that we know from castles and manors in the old times. Our stylish and affordable orangeries are maintenance-free and easy to assemble. The name ‘orangery’ comes from the fact that you originally built orangeries to grow new fruits such as lemons and oranges. It is the latter word, which has lent its name to the elegant greenhouses that we call orangeries. Orangeries were initially made of tree and glass, which of course demanded a lot of maintenance. Having one of our modern orangeries, you will have a maintenance-free construction made of durable, affordable, lightweight materials. You do not even require special tools or prior experience to assemble it yourself if you are two or more to do the job.

Orangeries in strong, durable, and maintenance-free materials

Dancover offers a wide range of beautiful orangeries in different sizes and materials. No matter where you decide to place them, the light and elegant structures will look amazing. The classic orangeries will go well together with old and new houses alike. Having a modern orangery, you will have a peaceful place and extra space filled with light and plants and with a unique 360° view of the garden and more. Do you put up the orangery close to your patio you combine the best of both worlds? The orangery makes it possible for you to enjoy the garden even in bad weather and for most of the year. Do you have questions about our orangeries – or some of our many other greenhouses? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our Chat.